About The Book

This book allows parents and children to enjoy exploring YOGA together. Participants engage all five senses and their imagination, while re-enacting a story/play in which yoga postures and a human value are embedded. The use of multiple intelligence learning is found to be one of the MOST effective techniques in education. It helps children of all ethnic/cultural backgrounds, learning styles and abilities to best assimilate and incorporate new knowledge.

The wonder of this book is that through this process I call ACT YOGA there is enhancement of reading/listening, motor, cognitive learning, leadership, as well as inter and intra personal development skills. By engaging the emotions…..through dramatization…..new information at all levels is best imprinted and recalled mentally and kinetically.

The ACT YOGA process: One person reads with dramatic effect…a group leader acts out the postures with 100% engagement…another or a group follows the leader in assuming the postures as the story is read. There is the option of incorporating costumes, settings and music to increase FUN, INTEREST and the learning process. A CD -or DVD which may accompany the book can be used when a reader is not available. The book itself is wonderful for a child to simply read through and linger while observing each picture.
The result: A child who has completed a FULL work-out routine, experiencing 33 yoga postures, while stimulating "his/her" multiple intelligence. The benefits of incorporating YOGA as a regular routine are already well defined in health literature. Basically, the child learns to be calm, positive and healthy. His/her aptitude for success in any other activity is increased. HAVE FUN with ACT YOGA!

And as the saying goes ACT NOW!