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The Author - Marlene Barrera

Marlene De Los Angeles Barrera – A Short Bio   (Biographia en Español)

Marlene De Los Angeles Barrera, born in Havana, Cuba, holds university degrees in English Literature and Psychology from Biscayne College/University of St. Thomas Villanova, and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas.

For the past 15 years Marlene has worked in various capacities for the Art of Living Foundation.   As a senior teacher she was one of the Foundation’s most experienced bilingual instructors for adults, youth and children courses internationally.  In 1998, as a member of a core group sponsored by the AOL Foundation, Marlene, under the direct instruction of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, initiated stress management programs for children and youth based on yoga, entitled ART Excel (All ‘Round Training in Excellence).  These later evolved into two programs, with an offspring called YES! (Youth Empowerment Seminar) for teenagers.  In Feb 2011 she left her employment with AOL to embark upon a freelance career as a writer and entrepreneur.

Her international career includes work within a wide array of countries: Jordan, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Singapore and the United States.  She has taught in Palestinian Refugee camps, prisons, youth detention centers, homeless & battered women shelters, poverty-stricken schools, as well as exclusive private schools and 5 Star program facilities.

Prior to her work at the Art of Living Foundation, Marlene founded and directed the Hispanic Ministry program at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Plano, Texas.  During this time she also founded OLA, Organization for Latin Americans, a non-profit agency that assisted with the integration of Hispanic immigrants within US society.  The agency offered immigration application assistance, citizenship classes, English Classes and GED and, thus was responsible for assisting hundreds of immigrants obtain legalization status in the US.  In addition, OLA provided counseling, food services and a clothing closet.

She is a writer and has been seen on television, as she is often invited to speak as a presenter on various topics for diverse organizations.

At present Marlene is publishing a series of children yoga books, and involved with personal development, healing arts, nutrition, yoga and health.